Welcome to Creative Flow

Creative Flow

Firstly, welcome to this new series and thank you for clicking the link to get here. 2020 has been a strange one to say the least but also an extremely eye opening one. Never in my human experience have I been able to have so many ‘firsts’… but for a second time – like, going for a pint with friends. What’s more, is that never have I ever had so many conversations with friends about life and the society that we all find ourselves living in. Despite the fear, there has been so much beauty and collective enlightenment.

Which leads me to this very post and launch of this series. I love talking to my friends about the hard shit and the things they get them excited about life. I realised that I am so lucky to be surrounded by a group of such hardworking, driven and creative people. Not saying that I was never grateful or unaware of my friends abilities prior to now. It was more of an epiphany moment on reflection that so many people in my life are in their mid-twenties and thirties, and are not only chasing but achieving their dreams.

So, here we are. This series is called Creative Flow, simply because I wanted to capture these very people in their flow. To me, Creative Flow is a mental state of being whereby you find yourself to be completely immersed in what you’re truly passionate about. I often found myself within my own Creative Flow when I was filming, editing and writing this series.

I had the opportunity to chat with so many people about what it’s like to be a creative in Ireland and the advice they would give to someone starting out on a similar path. Expect designers, musicians, producers, athletes, poets and so much more. Hopefully my conversations will spark conversations in your life and world. The whole point behind this creative project is to capture and ignite conversations but with my visual spin on it. I’ll be sharing a new Creative Flow conversation every Wednesday on my website, as well as on Instagram.

Enjoy. Read. Learn. And, most importantly – start talking, dreaming, flowing and creating.

All my love,