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I’m Sarah, a 24 year old daydreamer with her heart set on big dream. I set up my blog, PinkSars, in January 2016. I had played around with the idea of a blog for quite some time before I decided to put myself out there. In 2019, I actually decided to leave PinkSars behind and change my website to my own name, Sarah Edel (it’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time).

I love being able to have a platform that I can completely express my creativity and share my passions. I’ve a long way to go yet in the creative digital industry but I hope keep pushing my website into something people want to engage with and collaborate creatively with me on.  

With my posts I love to chat about living positively and incorporating mindfulness into daily life. I love working with people on creative projects, so that’s exactly what I will be sharing on my website. Expect inspiration, fashion and positivity.

I cherish every single person that reads my posts and hope to grow right in front of your eyes. I am so happy to be writing about what I love and truly hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Keep up with me daily on social media links below!

Instagram – @sarahedel

All my love,

Sarah Edel xx




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