Why bother blogging?

Why bother blogging

Why do you even bother blogging? Planning the outfits, taking the pictures, writing the posts? What’s it all for exactly? Honestly, I blog because I truly love doing it. I love fashion, I love photography and I love to write. Way back when, I started up a Flickr page and posted images of my makeup and outfits. When I started getting a few 1000 views, I decided to create a blog. Believe you and me, it took a whole pile of courage to create PinkSars. Not to mind the heart convulsions I had making a Facebook page and inviting people to like it. Nowadays ever second person and their mother has a blog because it can be a career. If I’m honest, people are dead right! It’s amazing to see so many people pursuing dreams that couldn’t be possible 10 years ago. PinkSars has given me so many amazing opportunities. 

I’ve worked with brands that I adore and it’s helped me to get jobs while being a full time student. If I’m honest, I’m only getting back into blogging the past month or two. Anywho, there’s my little rant of my I blog! If you’re reading this and want to start up a blog, go for it. Write what you love and the rest will follow through. It’s scary at the start to put yourself out there but you know what?! We get one life, DO WHAT YOU LOVE WITH IT. 

Why bother bloggingWhy bother bloggingWhy bother blogging

“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” — Rumi

Why bother bloggingWhy bother blogging

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Top – Gretta Gibbs
Skirt – Cath Kidston
Shoes – Pennys
Bag – Mango

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– Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography

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