Who is PinkSars?

Who is PinkSars

Who is PinkSars

Who is PinkSars – I’m always going through my blog and seeing what I can do to improve it and one thing that stands out to me is, do my readers know who PinkSars is? So with this weekly outfit post I wanted to tell you lovelies a little bit about why I decided to set up my blog PinkSars and about my style.

Blogging was something I started in 2015 as I needed something positive in my life and to focus all my energy on. It started out as a fun, part time hobby for all of last year but when I started my work placement with Richard Lynch from I Love Limerick in January I took the opportunity to take a stab at blogging full time! PinkSars is a predominately a fashion & vintage blog (if you hadn’t guessed already) but as I continue to blog I want to share my experiences when I go to different events, countries that I visit and collaborations with other organizations, that I’m very fortunate to have.

I’ve always been a fan of blogging since my early teens; I’ve drawn so much inspiration from bloggers such as, Samantha Maria & Cartia Mallan that I thought why can’t I do the same?! That’s truly is my goal, to write about what I love whether it’s fashion, travel or DJ’ing and my readers can draw inspiration from it to do what they love!

Who is PinkSarsWho is PinkSars

When it comes to style I’m totally a girly girl at heart but as I’ve drawn older and entered into my twenties my style is really beginning to change. I love sporty looks with Nike Air Max trainers and a long midi skirt, there’s nothing better. Then on the other hand like the look I did for this post, I draw inspiration from Bohemian style icons such as Vanessa Hudgens. I’m experimental with my style and I really love throwing quirky looks together.

I really want to keep growing PinkSars and push myself to really make a go in the industry of fashion & social media. So never hesitate to tell me what kind of posts you’d like me to write about or cool events to go to, I’m so open minded to trying different things & appreciate you guys so much. Having reached 1,000 followers on Instagram, I set up my Snapchat to bring you lovelies with my on shoots like this, you can add me @pinksars. Hope you guys got to know a little more about PinkSars & enjoyed the fashion post too! Till’ next week. 

Who is PinkSarsWho is PinkSarsWho is PinkSars

Top – Missguided
Pants – stradivarius
Jacket – Missguided

Photographer – Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography.

Instagram – @pinksars
Facebook– @pinksars

Hope you lovelies enjoyed this post and maybe got a better understanding about PinkSars. Make sure to follow me on my social media accounts to keep up with me during the week! I’ve set up my Snapchat account too so you can come follow me on photo shoots & daily antics.

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