Self Love, More Love

Self Love, More Love

Self Love

“Self Love is the key to life: Love yourself first and everything else falls into line” – One of the hardest things I feel we have to do in our lifetimes is love ourselves. There’s a constant feeling of lost and found to life and within those moments knowing self-love is one of the keys to happiness. I don’t think there’s a check list on learning to love yourself – we are all such different people, it’s more a case of finding what works for us. Something about Sunday screams take a minute to care for yourself. For me, self-love starts with self-care. Whether that’s taking 30 minutes to go for a walk or having a bath with a lush bath-bomb. Whatever the little things in life is that makes you feel good and happy is looking after yourself; Therefore, loving yourself. When life hits you with shit that’s when things get tough. BUT… making the baby steps of taking those few minutes for yourself is the road we all have to take.

Having my blog and being able to dress up for a mini photoshoot makes me so happy. Even if I’m literally taking to myself when I post, I don’t care because it makes me happy. Moving onto my outfit – I love this outfit because it’s just so simple yet really pretty on. In the heat too I feel the airer the clothes the better lol. I picked up the skirt in River Islands summer sale last year and it’s one of those pieces that I can’t imagine getting rid of. It’s super easy to style which is why I popped my LovingYouth bardot top on over it. Then, who can resist Mango sandals right now?! TarMarz is so amazing for pointing out Mango’s best pieces at the moment and following on from watching one of her hauls I had to pick these up! They’re so comfortable and chic for 30 quid, can’t go wrong! But back to the theme of the blog post, I feel I’ll be posting a lot more on PinkSars… it’s my escapism. 

Self LoveSelf LoveSelf LoveSelf LoveSelf LoveSelf LoveSelf Love

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Top – LovingYouth
Skirt – River Island
Shoes – Mango

Photographer – Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography

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All my love,

Sarah x


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