With all of the New Year, New Me talk all over social media I’ve decided I won’t be joining. I feel like trying to change your whole life come January 1st is so unbelievably unrealistic. In today’s age of posting everything online the pressure to maintain a perfect image is at its peak.  For me, it’s more so the gradual changes that count. It’s about leaving the negative behind with the previous year & looking at life with a positive outlook. I’ve decided instead of adding unrealistic goals to my life, I’m spending more time reflecting and trying not to repeat last years mistakes. 

Reflect Reflect Reflect Reflect Reflect Reflect

Not having (enough) fun – I want to spend more time with my friends, going out & just having fun. Last year I forgot the importance of something so simple! I took having fun for granted & I ain’t doing that again.

Worrying about the Future – Last year, I was caught up in worry. Am I in the right degree? Am I doing enough with my life? When you get to your twenties, pressure is kind of inevitable. I’d like to start spending more time living life than living with anxiety. I’ve decided to live life day by day rather than having my head in the future. Time is all we have and although it’s short, it’s better spent living than worrying.

Relationships – At some point or another we realise whose truly their for us. Who you can call when it’s an emergency; And the more important part, who you can’t call. I want to focus on being a better person and thus welcoming the right people in my life. I’m beyond grateful to have some really good friends & family (and boyfriend) in my life & that’s who I want to focus on this year. 

Trying to be blonde – I love the icy blonde shade BUT my hair just cannot do it. Every year I try to do it and it fails miserably. “Hello yellow hair”. So 2017 is the year where I embrace the brunette colour & be happy with my au natural shade.


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Photographer – Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography

All my love,

Sarah x


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