Red Dress

Red Dress

Sometimes you just have to put on your best dress and ooze confidence, right? Having confidence is one of those things I have struggled with over the years. Since starting my blog last year I have grown immensely. There’s been times of despair, times where I lost people I loved dearly and times where I lost my way. However, all of those things have pushed me toward to a place where I’m happy in my own shoes. I’m happy to have the friends that I have and simply happy to wake up everyday. 

These photos were taken for a really exciting piece that I wrote for Moda Chic Magazine. For their summer edition, I decided to chat about self-love and confidence for the summer. In our world of hate and social media, accepting yourself is so difficult. I’m by no means an expert on confidence but with a positive mindset you can conquer anything. Showing love every single day to those around you, be it a smile to a stranger in the street or telling someone they’re beautiful matters. Sharing love is what helps us to grow as people. Being kind and generous in turn grows our confidence. 

In my article I’ve composed 5 top tips for gaining confidence. I can’t wait to share the article with you all in Mid-July, so make sure to keep up to date on my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages // @pinksars.

Red DressRed DressRed Dress

Talk to yourself like you would talk to someone you love

Red DressRed Dress

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Dress – Urban Outfitters
T-Shirt – Missguided
Shoes – Adidas

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– Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography
Pictures taken in Limerick City Gallery of Art

All my love,

Sarah x 


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