How to Style Basics

How to Style Basics

How to Style Basics

How to Style Basics – So today I wanted to share with you some staple pieces in my wardrobe that I just cannot live without. I’ve always been a fan of minimalism so I’m forever growing my basics in my wardrobe. I think its important to build a good basic wardrobe because in the long run that’s whats going to last the longest and easily transitions into each season. So lets get into the look!

My shoes are getting their fair run around as I’ve hardly ever taken them off my feet. Until I finally invest in the real Nike AirMax these Penny‘s trainers for €9 are the perfect dupes. They’re such a perfect basic for the wardrobe, I think. Black will never go out of fashion and besides a staple LBD is a Black skirt and this cotton one from Zara is so comfortable and is a very stylish basic.

Denim is a great basic that you can dress up or down and play around with, I picked up my denim skirt from Penny‘s but they’re all over the place at the moment coming into summer! Last but not least, a leather jacket; I just think leather jackets are so timeless and like this one from Zara they can be very playful and versatile with colouring! Hope you enjoyed my basic look book, until next week lovelies.

How to Style BasicsHow to Style BasicsHow to Style BasicsHow to Style Basics

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