How to make a Summer memorable

How to make a Summer memorable

If you’re like me, you’ve the next 3 months off from college or school for the summer. It can be quite daunting to have so much spare time. What on earth are you suppose to do with all this free time?! Many people decide to travel and head off on J1’s but for the majority of us lucky folk, we opt to stay at home and work. This summer I just want to enjoy working, meeting up with friends and travelling around Ireland. It’s the simple days that make lasting memories. So with this blog post I wanted to give you lovelies some inspo for how to make your summer incredible; Despite living at home. 

I am currently working in Skin 26 for the summer and I am honestly over the moon. Working with women who started such a successful business is amazing to be around. That’s a really important point to make, I always try if I can to be working in something that will help me to grow as a person. If you’re working in an industry that isn’t your ideal then try to do an internship a few days a week in the industry you’d like to work in. Whatever you do in the summer, make the most of your time! Enjoy yourself and soak up having the free time too because us lucky students won’t have it forever. So, without further ado here are some of my other points on how to make your summer memorable while staying at home. 

  1. Tour your hometown – Living in Limerick, I take for granted how creative a city it is. When I finish college I am keen to pack my bags and jet off but for now I think it’s important to make the most of where I live. So, make a list of museums and events happening in your area this summer and make the most of where you live.
  2. Music Festivals – This is such an obvious one but Ireland is home to so many talented musicians and acts that there’s nearly a concert on around the country ever week! I have planned to head to Electric Picnic with some of my best friends and I’ve never been more excited. 
  3. Visiting new cities – We live on such a small island but I’ve yet to visit so many new places. Make a bucket list of places you’ve never been before and tick them all off by the end of summer. Mini weekend breaks to London, Madrid, Paris and Brussels are always a great option too and can be super cheap – make the most of living in Europe. 
  4. Get Fit – Whether you’re working or not this summer, it is a perfect time to get fit. With no college assignments and homework make the most of your free time by working out or trying a new sport.
  5. Read – Something I feel we all aspire to do is to read more. Head to the book shop and read a book you’ve never picked up before. I always feel so much better when I finish reading a good book that isn’t from college, it feels like a huge accomplishment.

How to make a Summer memorableHow to make a Summer memorableHow to make a Summer memorable

Use your free time for self development 

How to make a Summer memorable

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