Conquering a fear

Conquering a fear

Conquering a fear, it’s something every person has to do at some stage in their lives. Getting over the fear of saying goodbye to living alone for the first time. Whatever your fear is, everyone has one. So, why am I writing about fear you may be wondering? Well, I’ve planned something for the summer that I never thought would happen and now I’m anxious and afraid of it. It’s crazy that a dream that may (or may not) soon become a reality, is now a fear. However, I have a choice. Let the fear swallow me up and the dream die or, conquer my fear and just do it. You may have guessed that I’m going with the second one. Anxiety is something that can empower you and rule your life but you must not let this happen. Take baby steps, envision you conquering the fear and overcoming it

Our lives are short and sweet. Things can change over night so dream big and do what you want with your life. Life, laugh, dream, experience and love. In the meantime, last week I attended Fashion Knitwear & Textiles first EVER Graduate fashion show in LSAD. The standard of the garments and collections were simply outstanding. I cannot thank the college for another inspiring night – there’s no doubt in my mind that fashion is what I want to do now. I’ve linked all of my outfit details below along with all information about LSAD. 

“Rule your own mind, or it will rule you” – Buddha

Conquering a fear

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Top – Missguided
Jeans – Nine Crows

Boots – River Island

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Photographer – Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes, @Simply Photography

All my love,

Sarah x