Blue Escape

Blue Escape

I love making videos. Honestly, I get such fulfilment from learning a new editing technique on premiere pro or simply just from learning a new way to shoot a video clip on my camera. I love when an idea in my mind is brought to life on screen and the time that goes into bringing that idea from my mind to life. This feeling flows into bouncing off whoever I am working with for certain projects and learning from their creative experiences, so that I can improve my creative techniques. I also like to call this passion of mine, escapism. It’s a way to digress from the mundanity that everyday life can impose – it brings excitement to a weekend that you’ve planned around making a creative vision come to fruition.

I wanted to share this insight into why I create videos and images because of where the world is at right now. We are all seeking some sort of escapism to detach from the hecticness of the news, even if it only lasts for five seconds. That’s why picking up a camera and shooting myself putting on random blue eye liner is honestly so important. It’s good for the mind to refocus on learning, creativity and happiness.

Photographer – Siobhan Gleeson-Hayes

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Sarah x